Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Problem solved!

In my haste to rush off to bed last night I completely forgot to write about the conclusion to Friday night’s suspenseful events! I called my department on Monday morning and had the pleasure of speaking with a delightful person who shall remain nameless. She informed me that the Bursar’s office (more on that later) had indeed been made aware of the students that would be receiving a grad student tuition waiver. I was instructed to call the financial aid office (FAO) to find out about any credits made to my account.

I hurriedly called the FAO and was walked through the process of tuition waivers/credits. Apparently, the FAO needs to receive confirmation that a grad student will be receiving a graduate student assistantship of some sort before they will move on with the waiver process. At this point in time, information regarding my research assistantship has not been received, and my account still shows that I owe them $41,551 (approximately). I was instructed to accept the lowest of my offered loans (a federal subsidized loan) and remain undecided on the remaining two. Once the FAO receives confirmation of my assistantship, I will be considered an in-state student and given a waiver for in-state tuition which is a bit more than $9,000 per semester.

So, in short, a credit will be made to my account, just not yet. I need to learn the ancient delicate art of patience apparently.

Oh, I almost forgot. The Bursar or the Bursar’s Office is responsible for the billing and collection of university charges. I’m not sure how it makes sense that the Bursar’s Office has been made aware of my waiver but the FAO has not, but I’ll just leave that bureaucratic conundrum for another day and stick to science.

Next on my list of things to write about – moving! It’s the worst. The cost of moving and starting a life as a broke (and I do emphasize “broke”) graduate student is ridiculous! Until next time, future students, I bid you adieu.

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