Thursday, February 3, 2011

Anonymity is the best form of flattery...or something like that.

Let me preface this by saying thank you to Anonymous for being so candid with his/her response to my previous post. This is mine. 

I appreciate your desire to help. But, never fear, my standards aren't too high. My "life plans" as outlined here are not my life plans in their entirety - merely a dumbed down (or overly inflated, take your pick) version of the highlights. I knew coming here that I wouldn't be successful at everything. Does that make it easier? Of course not. I knew that I wouldn't write kick-ass grants from day one - that's just not how life works in general. What I thought when I came here was that I'd have a new home. Not necessarily a better one, but a new, fun and exciting one. I'm unfulfilled in my classes and largely unimpressed with the quality of teaching. Purdue has plenty of money and plenty of labs - but this is not my home.    

I've attempted to force it to be so for 5 months now. I've had issues here from day 1 - some that could've been avoided, some not so much. How much longer am I supposed to be unhappy? What time limit do you recommend? How much time is enough time before I've done everything that I could've done in everyone's opinion but my own?

I don't find your comments abrasive. I honestly appreciate a fresh and different perspective. But, please understand - this is not a decision that I've come to lightly. I've talked to my peers, my superiors, my family and my friends - at the end of the day they all pretty much said the same thing - the decision is yours.

If I wanted it bad enough, I'd fight for it. If I thought it was worth it, I'd fight for it.  In my opinion, what I have (or don't have) here is not worth fighting for.

I miss my family. I miss being 5 hours away from my parents. I miss my friends and our all night gaming sessions and pizza parties. I miss waking up to my boyfriend. It's hard. It's even harder when you haven't been fortunate enough to make those same sorts of connections in a new place. This is not something that I can simply endure for another 5 years. 5 years is a long time to be in a place where you are unhappy. Have you ever seen Office Space? That is what my life is quickly becoming. I really don’t want a poor defenseless printer to bear the brunt of my frustrations.

Purdue is one school of many. West Lafaytte, IN is one city of many. Leaving this place does not somehow prevent me from being happy AND getting an education elsewhere. It isn't the end of the world. It’s just the end of my time at Purdue. Your school, wherever that may be and assuming that you are in school, may seem like the bee’s knee’s to you, the cat’s pajama’s, the alpha and the omega. Purdue has not become that for me.

You may be able to endure a long distance relationship (if that is the case) and be away from all that you’ve come to know and love. I thought I could, too. I thought being a military brat would make it easier.  It didn’t. What’s right for you and what’s more important to you is not what’s right for me and more important to me. We’ve all got different priorities.I can have my cake and eat it, too – right there in NC.  

So, to bring this long response to a close, as someone who tries very much to improve upon the person that she is - yes, I do believe that I've learned and that I am still learning from my mistakes. Mistake #1 was sticking with something because I was good at it. Mistake #2 was succumbing to the fear that I would never be good enough to do anything else and would wind up at McDonald's for the remainder of my life.  Mistake #3 was ignoring my heart for months and months and telling myself that I wasn’t working hard enough/trying hard enough/being outgoing enough. From the outside looking in, and from this blog alone, it may seem like I haven’t. But only I can know what I have and have not done and only I can determine if that is or is not enough.

And if all of that isn’t enough to assuage your worries about my decision – It's freakin cold outside and I'm sick of being a humansicle. 


  1. How long did it take you to make those friends in NC? I'm willing to bet that it didn't happen overnight, or in 5 months.

    Maybe I'm jealous that I didn't get the opportunity to pack up and leave my 'Purdue' after 5 months.

    Maybe you should have spent some time thinking about the weather before you came.

    Maybe I'm just being nasty now.

    No, I'm definitely being nasty.

  2. I was her friend within five months.


  3. Dear Anonymous,

    It doesnt take an idiot to know that a place is not right, from the get go. But sometimes our determination prevents us from seeing what's not right.

    and since when has packing up and leaving become some status to be jealous about?

    kindly take your immaturity elsewhere because no one is really asking for your help or your opinion and not on things as trivial as the weather. if the weather IS the only issue, i doubt Kristen would spend 5 months agonizing about her time here. It's her decision that she doesnt like it here, I dont understand why others have to be so goddamn defensive about it. Look, the world does not revolve around you and what you think and how you've survived.It's not about you. good for you, but scram.


  4. Dear Anonymous,

    What *exactly* did Kristen do to deserve your ire? Did she get into grad school while you didn't? Did she beat your puppy? Do you get some kind of twisted Schadenfreude out of watching her make difficult decisions?

    If not, please resist the urge to de-evolve into a feces-hurling Internet monkey just because you think you can hide your stunning display of classlessness behind the mask of anonymity. It's just not cool. Really.

  5. Kristen, Ignore (or should I say don't go off to bad on) the complete effin idoit thats obviously jealous. I am your friend in NC and can't wait to develop our friendship even more. You will succeed in all that you do and don't have to explain who what where when and why to anyone!

  6. Awww. Thanks guys. I appreciate you coming to my defense.

    To Anonymous: I sincerely hope you find happiness and contentment in all that you do. Nastiness and all.