Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hot Naked Bodies and Dollar Dollar Bills, Y'all

I have got to get out of this country. And I mean that exactly the way it sounded in your head – with a nasally decorated “ugh” followed by a pompous “I’m better than this” snort.

There’s a nasty little rumor (that happens to be true) floating around about a bill that’s being pushed by some woman (Pam Dickerson) in Georgia (state, not country) that clearly does not appreciate the beauty of the naked human form (no parenthetical addendum needed).  

Said bill will make it illegal for me to take Ye Olde Balle and Chain’s head and photoshop it onto Johnny Depp’s hot, naked body. Something that I would never, ever do – at least not in Georgia (country or state).  

Actual bill is linked here for your perusal. Read it, internet, and laugh at the pure, delicious hilarity of it all. (Also, visit www.techdirt.com. I'm learning a lot from this corner of the internet.)

Moral of this story, internet? Our elected officials have way too much time on their hands. Because they’ve solved our deficit issues, paid back our debt to China, fixed the oh-so-fair tax code, ended our never-ending wars, and…oh, wait...

Yes, absolutely, please spend time on this bill Pam Dickerson of Georgia (state, not country).

In other news, I’ve now officially been put on drugs to lower my blood pressure after learning about how much Mitt Romney pays in taxes. If you haven’t heard by now, just avoid the story altogether. Or, read it and then sue Mitt for emotional distress. He can afford it.

It just amazes me that the rich blame the poor for being poor, claiming that they have all that money because they “worked” for it. Meanwhile, they benefit from a tax code that takes more money out of my pocket and puts more money into theirs.

I guess they only like “spreading the wealth” in their direction.

What’s more, it’s not like they understand the tax code any more than we do. They just have a shit ton of money and can afford to pay the poor saps that can.

I’m so proud to be an American.

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