Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smells like Noob spirit.

I never get used to the sweaty palm, NASCAR heart, gut clenching anxiety that the first day of school solicits. Especially when I’m the new kid in a sea of veteran “scholars.” Their faces scream “NOOB!” when I walk past.

While dwelling on these thoughts I realize…I’m lost. Shit.

Do I ask the prestige level veteran “scholar” or do I take out the dreaded map?

Neither. I wander around, walking into and out of building after building in the molten swamp that is NC weather.

Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Sweaty. Less Sweaty. Sweaty….

Finally, I give up and with campus map in hand I seize a fellow soldier...soldiering on through the warzone. “For the love of God man! Tell me where the dwelling known as Denny should….dwell…”

He points. “Go left.” And with a hook of his finger “left again.”

I make it without dying. I’m the first person in the room. I find a seat in the corner, afraid that my Christopher Columbus routine has caused me to smell of perspiration.


Just another day as the new kid.

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